Drift Allstars vs IDC Round 3 Mondello Park – Ireland

For the first time, Fredrik Oksnevad, was about to challenge the Irish drifters on their home soil. More specific at Mondello Park which has hosted drift events for over 10 years. Never have an Irish drifter been beaten at this track, but for this weekend there was over 50 pro drivers from 16 different nations ready to change that.


The Tri Ace Tyre SPY optic Soarer came directly from Abu Dhabi and UAE before this event, so Marius and Fredrik had some work to do with the car before they could hit the track.


Abu Dhabi was the first test of the car after a new LS 3 engine from Minges Universal Service, new suspension parts from Feal Suspension and a complete Wisefab setup front and rear. Other than setup of the car, it felt great and Fredrik didn’t have any big issues in Abu Dhabi.


The constantly changing weather didn’t make it any easier for the Fredrik and Marius to set up the cars of get use to this new track. Throughout the whole practice day it was changing conditions and Fredrik had a hard time to find the right line and speed throughout the corse.


Sunday morning was game day and after drivers meeting Fredrik was ready to give his all in the qualifying.


Fredrik struggled in qualifying giving him the 26th spot, forcing him to face the polish drift champion Piotr Wiecek in top 32


Fredrik knew that he had nothing to loose against one of the best competitors this weekend. He throw it out hard on his chase run, following Wiecek’s door closely!


In Fredrik’s lead run, he knew that Wiecek would follow him closely too, so Fredrik used all of his 713 whp to the fullest. It was a really close battle ending up with Wiecek hitting Fredrik in the last corner.

After a long analyze by the judges, Fredrik got the win and moved on to top 16! This was a huge win for Fredrik as he had lost against Wiecek one time before.


Fredrik knows how to entertain the crowd in the top 16 drivers presentation. Irish drift fans is also one of the most hard core fans Fredrik has ever experienced.


Top 16 battle was agains British drift champion Shane O’Sullivan. At this point Fredrik was more or less in his soze, charging hard and putting on a great chase run!


The earlier hit by Wiecek didn’t seemed to bother Fredrik as he was initiating hard into the first high speed corner of Mondello Park. Fredrik won this battle too, and was now facing the young gun Jack Shanahan in top 8.


Into the first corner Fredrik struggled to follow Jack’s line and Jack got the win. He also won the whole event after great driving all day long.


Fredrik couldn’t do other then smile despite his loss in top 8. The Irish crowd was awesome, the competition was the hardest Fredrik ever attended, the organization of the event was great, and so on!


“We are pleased with our result this weekend. Ending up beating the biggest drift team, several national champions and having a great time meeting new drivers and fans, it has been a successful event! I want to thank all that helped us out and supported us throughout the weekend! Hopefully we will be back next year too!”


Highlight video from Drift Allstars VS IDC – Global Warfare

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