Drift Allstars round 5 Riga – Latvia

One of the hardest and most demanding events throughout the Drift Allstars calendar is Bikernieki Riga. This year turned out to be even harder.


This is our third year competing in Eastern Europe and for the Riga event it’s a tradition to have the street parade from Bikernieki racetrack to downtown Riga. It’s a full police escort with over 20 police motorcycles, stopping all traffic to let our driftcars roll through the streets of Riga.


The drifting fans in Latvia are one of the best. They are so passionate and crazy, and they really give more energy throughout the weekend. Easily you could end up signing several hundreds herocards, just at the street parade.


Friday was only practice day. We struggled a bit to get the qualifying line right, but with some changes and running without the rear wing, we got it right eventually.


Saturday was gameday! In my first qualifying run I dropped a wheel in the second corner giving me a zero. Usually it is hard to get all the way out to that clipping point, but right before my run, some light rain came down, making it a bit less grippy on the track.

In my second run I had to safe it a bit to make sure I got into the show of 32 drivers out of 50. Giving me 17th qualifying spot.


In top 32 we battled against Kert-Eigo Kulla, Estonia champion. We had to go OMT before we got the win and moved on to top 16.


In top 16 we met James Deane, 2 times Drift Allstars Champion. After a close battle, we took it to an OMT. For me it was a great feeling and shows that we can keep up with the best. But in our OMT run he was stronger and got the win. Never the less, it was a great battle and I had so much fun driving against James!


Loosing in top 16 is not good for us with the total standings in mind. But I feel we progress each and every event. Its like we are missing the last piece in the puzzle. But I know we are close and I know we will get there eventually! Because we are fighting hard, and working our asses off to archive our goals, to be the best in Europe!


I want to thank all the great Norwegian supporters that took the trip to cheer on us from the stands! You all make the experience so much better!


Next event is Drift Allstars Germany! Hope to see you all there!


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